Sean Darcy – About Me

Sean Darcy grew up in the San Francisco bay area where his career choices were influenced by his family. He had multiple family members in law and medicine. Sean Darcy learned significantly about enforcement of the law and about the taking care of life from his male family role models but also learned from them about the care of life, animals and humans. From the women in his family Sean Darcy learned about the importance of service to others, the poor first, the sick second. 

Sean Darcy learned from his family about farming and agriculture at a very young age. His family took care of multiple animals including cattle, sheep and horses. His family also learned to grow grapes as well on their ranch in Northern California. 

Sean Darcy had a very close relationship with his San Francisco community through his Catholic Community. He was catechized mostly through his mother but also through his classes at his local church. Sean became of service to the church as an altar server for multiple years. His mother who worked for the San Francisco Department of Social Services.


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